Project Cases

Water concentration at Bottom and Top of beam
Water concentration at Bottom and Top of beam

Fast Dynamic Analysis of a Poppet Spring (Burckhardt Compression)

Simulation of concrete creep and shrinkage (MFPA Leipzig)

Mount - deformation and van Mises stress

MAGNA Steyr Fuel Systems compares elapsed time: Code-Aster versus Nastran

FE-model of a fine tuscan palace

Mazars model for historical masonry

Superposition of spring-gap-elements

Georg Fischer Automotive AG implements a nonlinear spring in Code-Aster

Bridge with two steel bars exposed to fire.

Analysis of steel-reinforced concrete exposed to Fire (MFPA Leipzig GmbH)

At MFPA Leipzig GmbH, Department "Numerical Simulations" a suitable material behaviour had to be introduced for steel-reinforced concrete in order to…