We offer project-based and annual support contracts to our clients. Our support includes such things like:

  • Support for Your all days analysis tasks with Salome and Code-Aster: Statics, Dynamics, Nonlinear, Thermal, Meshing, Postprocessing,..
  • Python coding, to automate repetitive tasks and to expand the functionality of Code-Aster
  • Data transfer between different analysis tools, for example mesh transfer from Abaqus to Code-Aster
  • Scripting of mesh-translators, of postprocessing routines and more
  • Benchmarking Your Code-Aster installation to compare results and CPU-time with other software
  • Installing, testing and configuring Code-Aster and related software
  • Parallel installation on clusters
  • Programming (Fortran) customer-specific versions of Code-Aster to include new features