Comparision Code-Aster on Direct / Virtual Machine

A comparision of computation times (elapsed times) was done running an identic Code-Aster analysis twice on the same hardware: on a direct installation (1) and on a Virtual machine (2). This comparision was done several times, for a TET10-mesh with different mesh refinements (see picture. Model geometry by courtesy of Andritz Hydro AG).

The results prove that the installation on a virtual machine can be a strong and valid option for users who for any reasons are constraint to use a Windows based computer.

On condition that the operational system (Linux direct or Linux on a virtual machine) holds enough RAM to avoid memory swapping, the elapsed time on the virtual machine is not more than 10 pct longer compared to the direct installation.

comparision direct - virtual machine:

comparision_results.txt (9.0 KiB)


Comparision Code-Aster with different compilers

Code-Aster installations, created on the same hardware from source with Intel and GNU compilers, have been compared in terms of CPU-time for a benchmark calculation.

The results show comparable calculation times for "Code-Aster Intel-compiled" and "Code-Aster in SalomeMeca", but much longer (> 3 x) calculation times with "Code-Aster GNU-compiled".