Seminars and Training

We offer seminars to the following open source software:

  • Code_Aster (Finite-Element-Analysis)
  • Salome
  • Code_Saturne(CFD)
  • Syrthes(Thermal Analysis)
  • ParaView (Postprocessing)
  • NX.Nastran (Finite-Element-Analysis, commercial code)
  • Femap (Pre-/Postprocessor, commercial code)

Our seminars are addressed to companies as well as to individual engineers.

In companies we can take care of Your special interests and applications: Contents, duration and location of the course are planned according to Your needs.

In addition we offer group courses, open for individual engineers.

The course language can be German, English or Italian; moreover we understand Spanish and French.

Group Seminars & Registration Forms

What can You expect in our seminars? Read more…

Our seminars consist half and half of lectures and guided excercises. Many exercises of the Code-Aster seminars focus just on one certain topic. Example: In our Code-Aster INTRO course there is an exercise training the Code-Aster command DEFI_GROUP (see figures). We also use to discuss the problems and solutions in the group in order to let everybody take part at the insights of all members of the group.

About DEFI_GROUP. Read more…

Many beginners believe that the PreProcessor is the only means to create groups (groups of nodes and /or elements, to assign materials, loads etc). This is often a very tedious task, because of many geometrical operations to execute. In certain cases you might have meshes which are not associated to geometry: for example if a mesh has been created with a different tool from Salome. This hinders considerable the definition of groups during the preprocessing phase. Or the design of your structure and subsequently the geometry and the mesh must be updated several times. For such cases DEFI_GROUP is a very versatile command. Once implemented in your command file it creates groups (of nodes and /or elements) automatically during a Code-Aster run based for example on geometrical, topological and boolean criteria.